Coperta “Tintenklecks Dreams”

Tintenklecks Dreams

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WHERE IDEAS ARE NEEDED, IMAGINATION COMES INTO PLAY. With the "inkblot dreams" you can develop your personal creative potential. The 50 inkblot pictures in this book can be used to find answers to your unanswered questions, e. g. "What job is right for me?", "What products should my company develop next?" or "Where could I travel next?". An inspiring gift for everyone who is looking for answers. Michael Draksal is a German sports scientist and author. Early in kindergarten he already loved inkblot pictures like probably most of us. In his sports- and psychology-studies he came again in contact with inkblots, using the well-known Rorschachtests, where inkblots are used for personality diagnostics. Michael has written more than 30 books and developed numerous self-help tools, e. g. the Flow Pyramid, the Concentrated Lifestyle and Success Monitoring. His "Kick-in-the-butt Book" (a motivational book in shoe form) was nominated for the innovation prize of the German Printing industry 2012 in the category "Print gimmick of the year". What is his secret of success? He uses inkblots as a creativity technique. There is no right or wrong Excursion into history: Blobography and Rorschachtest Inkblots as a creativity technique Instructions: to the idea This is how inkblots help with decisions Welcome to the colorful world of your imagination … Behind the scenes: And it made "blob" The Creative Lifestyle
Publicat de: Draksal Fachverlag

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