Coperta “Arabian Nights: Zobeida and the Three Qalandars (Easy Classics)”

Arabian Nights: Zobeida and the Three Qalandars (Easy Classics)

Narator: Vanessa Libre

Durata: 1h 27m

An adapted, easy-to-read edition of Zobeida and the Three Qalandars - with engaging illustrations throughout. A porter in a marketplace, three holy beggars new to Baghdad and a caliph in disguise with his advisor. Somehow, they all end up in the home of three beautiful sisters. Though sworn to mind their own business, each has questions. Why do the sisters punish their dogs? How did each holy man lose his left eye? The answers will take them from a graveyard to a magnetic mountain, through betrayal and shipwreck, with a clever monkey, a jealous neighbour, princes and princesses.
Publicat de: Sweet Cherry Publishing

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