Coperta “A Conference in Ennui”

A Conference in Ennui

Nr. pagini: 272

This book was nominated for Commonwealth Book Prize 2012. A story about Lagos, Nigeria and the people who used to live in it : an unemployed family man struggling to keep life and love together; a crooked policeman with a dark, violent past and an even darker future; a disenchanted youth with a cannabis-drenched philosophy and a diabolic mission; a British fun-seeker who sees a promise of gold underneath all the garbage ; a migrant from the violent, oil-rich swamplands who came to the city seeking succor but alas all he reaps is more pain; an eponymous drifter from the hot, dozy and desert north, who must now aggressively protect his simple soul and subsequently his new bride ,from the madness all around ; a ghost that refused to die. ; and many millions more , perpetually awaiting the manifestation of elusive financial miracles.
Publicat de: xceedia publishing

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