Coperta “Breaking Out”

Breaking Out

Durata: 8h 49m

’We’re going to change all this. We’re going to make you a new life.’ ’We’re going to change all this. We’re going to make you a new life.’ From petty shoplifter to gangland empress.From frightened runaway to proud mother.From drug dealer to probation worker. Janice Nix lived a life of crime. Groomed to work as a shoplifter in London’s West End, she entered a glamorous underworld of beautiful possessions – and drugs. As she rose to the top of her criminal empire, Janice achieved the money and status her family had never had. But one day, it had to come tumbling down. Several prison stretches later, Janice was reformed – and inspired to join the probation service. Using everything she learned in her years on the streets, she’s devoted her life to ensure girls like her don’t make the same mistakes. This is her story. The unbelievable, inspirational true story of a former Class A drug dealer who became a probation worker Janice Nix is an award-winning Engagement Worker who is determined to break the 'revolving door' cycle of offending. A former teenage runaway, she worked her way to the top of London's criminal underworld – a woman in a man’s world – before she was arrested in a high-profile police operation. In 2005, Janice gained early release from prison, and dedicated her life to helping others. She started volunteering for the offenders’ charity St Giles Trust in Camberwell, London,  to demonstrate her commitment to change. In 2014, she gained full-time employment with London’s probation service, going on to build an extraordinary second career as an Engagement Worker focussing on female ex-offenders. The unbelievable, inspirational true story of a former Class A drug dealer who became a probation worker • Janice’s past makes for a Guy Ritchie film – flash cars, guns, drugs and the London underworld. Known as ‘The Empress’, Janice regularly oversaw deals worth tens of thousands of pounds. • Most of the bestselling memoirs in this area are told from a (usually white) man’s perspective – or from a woman as victim. Janice is neither – she rose to the top of gangland, and has reinvented herself to help others. • There are two strands to this story – Janice’s own autobiography, and the stories of the women she now helps. Each chapter will begin with a new service user’s story, which then opens up something about Janice’s own past. • Following hot on the heels of the success of THE PRISON DOCTOR, this fascinating exploration of what drives young, black women to crime – and what the people who try to help them out of it face – is a slice of life we’ve never seen before. • Janice is an absolutely extraordinary speaker, perfectly happy to be candid about her past (and why she had to turn to drugs) as well as the harsh realities facing many of her service users today. She would be a bold, brave talking head in any media discussions on drugs and prison services. Competition: The;Prison Doctor;Women inside;A bit of a stretch;Dark side of the mind;Secret Barrister;Unnatural Causes;in black and white;A life of crime;. by;Dr;Amanda Brown;Chris Atkins;Kerry Daynes;The Secret Barrister;Richard Shepherd;Alexandra Wilson;Harry Ognall;
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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