Coperta “Skip the Guilt Trap”

Skip the Guilt Trap

Narator: Anna Bentinck

Durata: 7h 24m

Free yourself from the guilt trap and move on with your life. Simple steps to free yourself from guilt. Guilt is a major underlying cause of emotional disorders such as low self-esteem, depression, OCD and other mental illnesses. This guide, written by one of the UK’s most respected psychotherapists and now bestselling author, Gael Lindenfield explains how guilt damages our health, relationships and career prospects. It explores the many different types of guilt and provides practical exercises and advice for how to manage this emotion more effectively. This title contains an accompanying PDF. “Sensible, practical, and exceedingly useful!.”(Claire Rayner) “Encouraging and helpful.”(Sunday Express) Gael Lindenfield, internationally bestselling author of ground-breaking books in the area of self-help, is one of the UK’s leading personal development trainers. A highly respected psychotherapist, Gael Lindenfield works with a wide range of organisations from charities to multinational businesses. She is the author of Asset Yourself, Super Confidence, Emotional Confidence and Self Esteem.• Gael Lindenfield is a bestselling personal development author who is loved for her informal, down-to-earth style.• Gael’s books have sold over 1m copies worldwide and have been translated into 33 different languages.• Gael is one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and writers. She is always popular as a guest TV speaker and feature writer for women’s magazines – she is a perennial favourite with the media, from regular Women’s Weekly slots to all the glossies, Sundays and women’s magazines. Competition: Reasons to Stay Alive; Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns; The CBT Handbook; Good Vibes, Good Life. By: Matt Haig; Gitta Jacob; Pamela Myles; Vex King.
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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