Coperta “Spiritual Music For Mindfulness And Meditation (432 Hz and 528 Hz)”

Spiritual Music For Mindfulness And Meditation (432 Hz and 528 Hz)

Durata: 7h 49m

Take yourself into a quiet relaxing place, where the only sounds that you can hear are the sounds of nature and soft soothing music, calming your nerves and transporting you into a meditative state. We have created this audiobook to induce deep sleep, relaxation and meditation. All tracks are excellent for healing and spa treatments. They are composed and recorded by a certified board music therapist. If there is one thing you won't get is distraction! The music in does not have any jarring changes. Neither are there any disruptive breaks. Indeed it is a high-quality professional audiobook. Made in Germany. — What our customers say (reviews): ***** I have so many audio books that are subliminal message based, so all I wanted was really calming music and sounds. I'm a life-long insomniac and quieting my mind enough to fall asleep is very difficult. This audio book is absolutely phenomenal and is now my favorite for relaxing and falling asleep! The music and natural sounds are so soothing. I'm so glad I found it! (Kimberley D.) ***** A short, light intro, then hours of relaxing music paired with nature sounds: ocean waves, piano, raindrops, soft guitars, and more. At the end of the audiobook, a smooth, quiet voice offers a short concludion. If I am asleep, the voice does not jar me awake. I sleep right on through till the 5:00 AM alarm goes off. (F_Moon) ***** Helps kids fall asleep, especially if they always complain about hearing creepy sounds at night. (Shlomi Fisher) ***** I love this book it is my most used book in my library! Thank you! (Doloris1978) ***** it's a practical approach to begin the spiritual journey... self reflection... very healing. it should be part of our daily life, just like we go to work... or mundane activities. (J&C) ***** It has a blend of many sounds with the music. I listen to this once a day. (NY_spirit) ***** My daughter drifts off to dreamland with this music. She won't use any other music, just this one. She loves it and so do I. It's awesome for meditation as well as winding down for the evening. (wollnstuff) ***** We play this audiobook on repeat all day at our wellness center. It is relaxing and easy to listen to without intense changes. (AleksC) ***** Beautiful, tranquil music perfect for studying or falling asleep. It has just enough interest to engage the brain without intruding upon creative thought processes. Great music for falling asleep, especially on long airplane flights. Get yourself some active noise cancellation headphones and this piece, and you should be sleeping quickly! (SushiSwap) -- !!! Audio sample contains several tracks from this audio book !!! Total running time: 7 hoursAll tracks are excellent for meditation, healing and spa treatments. They are composed and recorded by a certified board music therapist.
Publicat de: TheHappinessCompany

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