Coperta “Tee and Mo: Are we Ready to Go?”

Tee and Mo: Are we Ready to Go?

Durata: 8 min

Gorgeous debut picture book based on the award-winning CBeebies preschool series Tee and Mo!Gorgeous debut picture book based on the award-winning CBeebies preschool series Tee and Mo!This is a brand-new story based on one of the CBeebies favourite Tee and Mo songs by Lauren Laverne about the special relationship between Tee, a three-year-old monkey and his single working mum, Mo, and their life in the jungle.Tee and Mo sometimes want to do different things . . . but they always end up having lots of fun together! Today is picnic day and Tee and Mo can’t wait to set off . . . but are they really ready to go?A charming picture book about that moment we’ve all experienced when you are just about to rush out the door and you suddenly remember you have forgotten something.Also features the song lyrics and a QR code to play the song!Lauren first came into the spotlight as a singer in the cult indie group Kenickie, later moving into broadcasting, presenting shows such as CD:UK, The Culture Show, The Brits and Glastonbury. She has interviewed everyone from Sir Paul McCartney, U2 and Madonna to Dizzee Rascal and Little Boots. She has written for the Guardian and is also a Grazia columnist. After encouragement from her husband (who said "you're an excellent speller") Lauren recently began writing fiction.Competition: Cocomelon: Bath Song; Cocomelon: Wheels on the Bus; Peppa’s Royal Party; Bing’s Big Surprise; Bluey: The Beach; Hey Duggee: The Football Badge; Paw Patrol: Snuggle up, Pups
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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