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Attention Span

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AS SEEN ON ARMCHAIR EXPERT WITH DAX SHEPARD AND IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, NEW YORK TIMES AND THE TIMES **A COSMOPOLITAN BEST NEW NON-FICTION BOOK TO ADD TO YOUR TBR IN 2023** **A "NEXT BIG IDEA CLUB" MUST-READ** AS SEEN ON ARMCHAIR EXPERT WITH DAX SHEPARD AND IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, NEW YORK TIMES AND THE TIMES **A COSMOPOLITAN BEST NEW NON-FICTION BOOK TO ADD TO YOUR TBR IN 2023** **A "NEXT BIG IDEA CLUB" MUST-READ** Rediscover your ability to pay attention with this groundbreaking new approach from ‘the definitive expert on distraction and multitasking’ (Cal Newport). We spend an average of just 47 seconds on any screen before shifting our attention. It takes 25 minutes to bring our attention back to a task after an interruption. And we interrupt ourselves more than we're interrupted by others. In Attention Span, psychologist Gloria Mark reveals these and more surprising results from her decades of research into how technology affects our attention. She shows how much of what we think we know is wrong, including insights such as:• Why multitasking hurts rather than helps productivity• How social media and modern entertainment amplify our short attention spans• What drains our mental resources and how to refuel them• The four types of attention that we experience every day and how to recognise them While the concept of ‘flow’ has previously been considered the ideal state of focus, Dr Mark offers a new framework to help explain how our brains function in the digital world: kinetic attention. This book reveals how we can take control, not only to find more success in our careers, but also to find creativity, joy and wellness in our everyday lives. ‘Solutions to the mania of modern life’ The Times ‘In focusing on practical strategies rather than silver-bullet or short-term solutions like “digital detoxes”, Attention Span is a valuable guide to how to balance work and well-being in a world increasingly dependent on tech.’ New Scientist ‘In Attention Span, Mark makes the case for a new, evidence-based approach to attention, one that works with our tech-riddled modern world and tendencies towards distraction, instead of trying to squeeze the genie back in the bottle.’ Guardian ‘Gloria Mark is the definitive expert on distraction and multitasking in our increasingly digital world. Her book is a must-read for anyone concerned about our diminishing attention span’ Cal Newport, New York Times bestselling author of A World Without Email and Deep Work ‘This book covers decades of Gloria Mark’s fascinating research journey into how the rise of computing has affected our personal lives: how we are overstressed, we multitask too much, we are constantly interrupted even by ourselves, and our attention spans have declined to an astonishing 47 seconds. If you are interested in your well-being and how to gain agency in this digital age then you need to read this book.’ Susan David, bestselling author of Emotional Agility ‘Gloria Mark's book is a thorough review of the impact interruptions have on our lives and mental health. Some interruptions are welcomed, deliberately self-created. Most, however, are not. All interruptions impact the focus of attention, and attention is a critically limiting aspect of human cognition. Don't be distracted by my review – go read the book. It is an important and valuable contribution to living in this world of interruptions.’ Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things Dr. Mark is Chancellor’s Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine. She has been a visiting senior researcher at Microsoft Research since 2012. She is a two-time recipient of the Google Research Award and has received a prestigious NSF CAREER award. She received her PhD from Columbia University in psychology. Recent bestsellers such as FOUR THOUSAND WEEKS and STOLEN FOCUS prove that we are in AN EPIDEMIC OF ATTENTION DEFICIENCY, and more and more people are looking for answers. Dr Gloria Mark is the SCIENTIST AT THE FOREFRONT OF RESEARCH in this field, offering the most up-to-date understanding of the issues and advice for improvement. Fascinating popular science about how the brain functions to synthesise information, interwoven with practical, real-world studies that illustrate what drives our behaviour and how we can take control. The new Flow for the modern business and personal development reader. Competition: Four Thousand Weeks;Life Force;Noise;Thinking Fast and Slow;Sapiens;The Psychopath Test;Order of time;Cycles of Time;Behave;Why has nobody told me this before;stolen focus. Oliver Burkeman;Tony Robbins;Carlo Rovelli;Roger Penrose;Robert Sapolsky;Julie Smith;Jon Ronson;Daniel Kahneman;johann hari
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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