Coperta “The Diary of a Secret Royal”

The Diary of a Secret Royal

Durata: 8h 8m

The most scandalous Royal book of the year The most scandalous Royal book of the year In a rapidly changing world the Royal Family own swathes of the country, most of the seabed and more money than anyone could ever spend. It is the role of the Chamberlain of the NDAs to keep things that way. From transgressions to successions, travesties to majesties, follow eighteen months in the life of trusted toady Fenton Footlicker Esquire as he takes Queen Elizabeth to rehab, foils a breakout from the Balmoral Labour Camp and runs a counter-espionage unit of royal lookalikes – the Crown Duals. Fenton knows better than anyone that without the monarchy UK tourism would instantly collapse. Which is why he calls himself the Royal Flush: because he always cleans up the messes his charges leave behind. ‘Henry Morris is incapable of writing a not-brilliant sentence’ Caitlin Moran ‘Crowns, tiaras and brilliant satire – it’s the best of British!’ Chris Packham (Almost!) True Stories from Inside the Royal Family Henry Morris is a personal trainer and rave promoter, and author of the infamous Diary of a Secret Tory MP. He lives in Frogmore Cottage. Follow him on Twitter @secrettory12 (Almost!) True Stories from Inside the Royal Family - Supported by a large and engaged Twitter feed – over 176k followers, via the Secret Tory- A hilarious take-down of the Royal family during one of the tumultuous periods of its history- A brilliantly original satire that will appeal to a broad readership – from those interested in the Royal family to those looking for a gift/humour book for Christmas- Wonderfully designed and brilliantly written – The Secret Royal is a unique take on an age-old institution Competition: Spare Us;52 Times Britain Was a Bellend;Book of Royal Useless Information;Battle Brothers;Private Eye Heir of Sorrows;Very British Problems;Bloody;Understanding;What Just Happened;Decade in Tory;Scoops. Harrody;James Felton;Robert Lacey;Paul Hawkins;Rob Temple;Marina Hyde;Russell Jones;Sam McAlister
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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