Coperta “The Puzzle of Christianity”

The Puzzle of Christianity

Durata: 8h 12m

An excellent overview of Christianity, suitable for students (and teachers!) embarking on the new GCSE and ‘A’-Level Religious Studies specifications.An excellent overview of Christianity, suitable for students (and teachers!) embarking on the new GCSE and ‘A’-Level Religious Studies specifications.Written in the same clear and engaging style as the bestselling Puzzle of Ethics and Puzzle of God, this book covers key content common to all the new specifications – including: Jesus: His incarnation, life, ethical teaching, crucifixion and resurrection, saving importance for Christians and relationship with God; The development of Christianity through from the Early Church to contemporary Global Christianity; The similarities and differences between different types of Christianity in terms of beliefs, teachings and practices; The use and authority of the Bible and other sources of authority within the Churches as well as how the Bible shapes Christian Ethics; Christian responses to science, feminism, secularism, philosophy and the new atheism as well as crises in social justice.Most importantly, Vardy places these themes in context and helps students to understand and appreciate Christianity, the largest religious tradition in the UK and worldwide. Through this latest book in Vardy’s bestselling series, students will enjoy their studies and see the relevance of taking the subject further.‘This book is a “must read” for all students of Religious Studies. If we are honest, in a postmodern world, most teachers have only a shallow understanding of Christianity. Fortunately, Peter Vardy comes to the rescue with this masterpiece. It is clear and absorbing.’- Peter Mothersole, Head of R.E., Truro High School for Girls‘An essential requirement for all those engaged with the new GCSE and A level Religious Studies. I defy any student or teacher not to be gripped by this book!’- Jacinta Bowe, Head of R.E., St Mary’s Shaftesbury‘A clear, intelligent, accessible, informed and balanced account of the puzzle of Christianity.’- Fr Frank Brennan SJ, Professor of Law, ACU‘A mini-encyclopedia of the Christian faith, which will be of enormous help not only to those studying in schools, but also to adult readers.’- Archbishop Peter Carnley, former Anglican Primate of AustraliaDr Peter Vardy was Vice Principal of Heythrop College, the specialist college for philosophy and theology of the University of London, from 1999-2011. A well-known and bestselling author, Peter has the rare gift of being able to communicate complex concepts to a mixed audience and make them clear, engaging and fun.• Peter Vardy is well known in secondary education circles in the UK and Australia;• His book, The Puzzle of Ethics, became a key text for educators;• The new GCSE/’A’-Level syllabuses will be taught from September 2016, and this new title by Vardy will give teachers everything they need on a plate;• Excellent introduction for the general reader interested in what Christianity is.
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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