Coperta “An Orphan’s War”

An Orphan’s War

Narator: Julie Masey

Durata: 11h 39m

War rages, but the women and children of Liverpool’s Dr Barnardo’s Home cannot give up hope. An Orphan’s War is a gripping saga about love and loss on the Home Front.War rages, but the women and children of Liverpool’s Dr Barnardo’s Home cannot give up hope. An Orphan’s War is a gripping saga about love and loss on the Home Front.LIVERPOOL, 1940When her childhood sweetheart Johnny is killed in action, Maxine Grey loses more than her husband – she loses her best friend. Desperate to make a difference in this awful war, Maxine takes a nursing job at London’s St Thomas’s Hospital.A BROKEN HEARTMaxine takes comfort in the attentions of a handsome surgeon, but Edwin Blake might not be all he seems. And as the Blitz descends on the capital, Maxine returns to Liverpool heartbroken and surrounded by the threat of scandal.A BRAVE SPIRITWhen offered a job at a Dr Barnardo’s orphanage, Maxine hopes this is the second chance she has been looking for. And one little boy in particular helps her to realise that she needs the orphans just as much as they need her…A gripping story of love, friendship and hope in the darkest of places. Molly Green is an exciting new voice in saga fiction, perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Katie Flynn.PRAISE FOR MOLLY GREEN‘Molly Green creates realistic characters and situations that keep you turning the pages.’ Katie Fforde'A moving, gripping story set during WW2, of a woman's dedication to the orphans in her care and her heart wrenching love.’ Kitty Neale‘Redolent of wartime Britain and brimming with heartfelt stories from several characters, Molly Green's sure-footed novel shows just how challenging it was to find love and a place to call home in the dark days of the war.’ Terri Fleming‘A lovely, heartfelt, warming slice of saga fiction … There is a gentleness to the writing as it walks some difficult paths, ensuring AN ORPHAN’S WAR is an engaging, generous read.’ Liz Robinson, LoveReading‘A gripping read’ My WeeklyOne of the best historical fiction books you will read this yearMolly Green is a seasoned author of fiction and non-fiction. She has sold lipstick in a Denver store, modelled in Atlanta, assisted the UN Narcotics Director in Geneva, chauffeured a Swiss Gnome in Zurich, assisted a famous film producer in the UK, and cooked in a sanatorium in Germany. She now lives and writes in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.One of the best historical fiction books you will read this year• Saga is a huge market and we are looking for another name on our list to complement Kitty Neale, whose 11 novels have sold almost 800,000 copies to date.• Idea conceived and worked up by the Avon team, following extensive market research.• USP: Dr Barnado’s gives this series a clear point of difference, with a strong brand recognition. The charity are fully supportive and have already opened their archives to the author.• Molly Green is the pseudonym of experienced writer Denise Barnes, who is happy to do events and publicity under this guise.• Series set in Liverpool – a city with strong retail links to Asda and Morrisons.• This is to be our ‘seasonal saga’ – complementing Kitty’s books, and adding a point of difference to our 2017 Christmas line-up, helping to ease any crowding.• We’ll be creating a high quality look for this series, with evocative and seasonal imagery.• Publishing two books a year we will quickly build this into a seasonal brand.Competition: The River Maid;A Mother’s Courage;The Little Angel;A Shilling for a Wife;The Tattooist of Auschwitz;The Sapphire Widow;orphan;in the snow. by;Dilly Court;Maggie Hope;Rosie Goodwin;Emma Hornby;Heather Morris;Dinah Jefferies;lucinda riley
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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