Coperta “Seduced by a Sociopath”

Seduced by a Sociopath

Durata: 7h 7m

A devastating true story of love, betrayal, and deceit. A devastating true story of love, betrayal, and deceit. Chrissy: attractive, successful 40-year-old divorcee with three amazing children. Alexander Marc d’Ariken de Rothschild-Hatton: international financier, wealthy, charming and smooth-talking. It’s not long before they fall madly in love. With the promise of marriage and a new baby on the way, Chrissy knows she has been given another chance at love. But then Alexander asks for a loan to help him get over a few cash-flow problems. And, before long, £500,000 of Chrissy’s money has vanished – along with Alexander. After months of detective work, Chrissy finally tracks him down. But the reality of Alexander’s true identity is far darker than she ever could have imagined … Even before she met Mark Hatton, Chrissy Handy had a varied life, from helping to run a farm to working in event management. Raised in Sealand, Flintshire, she spent many years in Cheltenham before returning to the house in which she grew up. She is the proud mother to four wonderful children and lives quietly with her partner, Steve, and her youngest son, Marcus. She loves renovating old things and hopes one day to restore a dilapidated cottage by the sea. Born in Bolton, journalist Kathryn Knight studied English Literature at Lincoln College Oxford. She held positions at The Times, the Express and the Daily Mail before going freelance in 2006, writing across a range of national newspapers and magazines. This is her first book. (1x8pp plates) - Follows in the steps of ST bestseller, Sleeping With a Psychopath, which sold 11.2K TCM and was a brilliant success in Canada.- This story has already had some press around it, reported by the likes of The Sun and Daily Mail: It will be written in conjunction with successful journalist Kathryn Knight, who has previously written for The Times, The Express and Daily Mail. Competition: Sleeping With A Psychopath;The Lies He Told;I Survived;Deceived;The Evil Within;Who Will Believe You?;The Psychopath;A Perfect Nightmare. By;Carolyn Woods;Valerie Keogh;Victoria Cilliers;Kate Snell;Darren Galsworthy;Kim Chown;Mary Turner Thomson;Karen Gosbee
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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