Coperta “The Trust Paradigm”

The Trust Paradigm

Durata: 8h 54m

Trust in our culture at large, in our institutions and in our companies is significantly lower than a generation ago. In any normality trust is paramount, but given current world events, never has there been more need for increased trust. This simple formula emphasizes the key elements of trust for individuals and for organizations. The Trust Paradigm  draws on the hard-won truths of two authors, Geoff Hudson-Searle and Mark Herbert, and draws on their deep personal lessons from life and business practice, and their efforts to distil those lessons into principles that lead towards a more purposeful life. The book is intended to be both a holistic overview of what generates and builds trust, and a hands-on guide to how that can be done. A wide range of tips, models and techniques that will help to build strong and effective trust solutions in today's business world are combined with a range of insights into the topical subjects of the day. The term 'trust' has been overused forever and, during the last decade, considerably devalued. In this book, the authors aim to take the concept back to its essentials and to re-evaluate how real, meaningful trust can be incorporated into management and leadership. Geoff Hudson-Searle is an independent non-executive director across regulation, technology and internet security, C-Suite executive on private and listed companies, and serial business advisor for growth-phase tech companies. Mark Herbert is currently a Principal in the consulting firm, New Paradigms LLC.
Publicat de: Troubador Publishing Ltd

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